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Saying goodbye to the last man standing…
National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, interment ceremony for Glenn R. Daniel

Saying goodbye to the last man standing…


As I met Glenn “Bud” Daniel a few years ago when beginning my research about my cousin Robert “Cowboy” Stout, I not only realized Bud’s humility and warm and welcoming nature, but also his remarkable recall and emotions about his WWII service was still very much on the surface. Kind and generous, I will miss Bud and am sorry he will not see the completed documentary – without his invaluable input, his book and stories, would never been possible to start, let alone complete.


In addition to also befriending Connie and Tim (Bud’s amazing wife and son), I’ve been blessed to have met many others that knew and loved Bud. Astonishing how one person can connect so many people together…


My documentary about Cowboy and his service in Palau is forever linked to Bud as he flew wing to Cowboy on the day Cowboy was killed over Koror, and it seemed quite fitting that a “Stout” was there to say goodbye to a “Daniel.” My wife Aimee and I were honored to attend the interment ceremony, as it was a powerful day we will never forget.


Last man standing from VMF-114, Bud’s interment niche at Punchbowl (a completely random number one cannot select) incredibly turned out to be #114… that “coincidence” and the full rainbow after his memorial were just a few moments that seemed perfectly apropos to the day.


Being able to film and edit this video for Connie and Tim, and to include some music I wrote for the documentary, seemed fitting as a reminder and memorial to Bud and all those young men in VMF-114 who sacrificed so much. Bud always closed his chats/emails with me; “keep your airspeed up Stout”, so of course I will try… and I echo that same sentiment to Bud. 


(camera Damon & Aimee Stout, music Damon Stout)

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