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"Cowboy Down" is an upcoming feature length documentary about my cousin Maj. Robert "Cowboy" Stout who was a USMC WWII fighter pilot and was killed while serving in Palau.

A Wyoming native, Cowboy was a Guadalcanal veteran flying with VMF-212 "Hell Hounds." He became an ACE pilot scoring six enemy planes, and when his CO and mentor Harold "Indian Joe" Bauer was killed, Cowboy became the first Captain in USMC history to command a fighter squadron in combat. His second tour of duty, Cowboy was given command of VMF-114 "Death Dealers" based in Peleliu, Palau.


A much beloved leader to his men, he was shot down over Koror while leading an attack the morning of March 4, 1945. Partially based on the book “Cowboy Down: A WWII Marine Fighter Pilot's Story” authored by his wingman Glenn “Bud” Daniel, the film is currently in production and updates will be posted here.

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